Letter To Get My Permit/Licence

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I am writing this letter to insist that I should be allowed to get my permit and then my licence.
The reasons provided in the letter regarding the permit/licence are to be considered and accepted without hesitation. The primary concern is the transportation from one place to another. It takes a significant amount of time to travel between destinations, and expecting one person to drive to all those places and arrive on time is extremely inconvenient. There is often traffic and accidents on the freeway that make transportation difficult and time consuming. Also, take into consideration that Anthony sometimes, though not often, has places he wishes to go to but cannot because of time constraints. Allowing me to drive will open more availability
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Allowing me to get my permit gives you more time to sleep because I could drive not only myself, but also Anthony to school. You do not get much sleep, so by allowing this you could get a good few more hours of sleep. With how much stress you have been under, it is essential that you get as much sleep as possible. The drive from home to Xavier/ASA is extremely far. The traffic on the way there and home is a nightmare. Also, after dropping off both of us, you need to drive all the way back home. You make about four trips everyday. If you allow me to drop Anthony and myself off, you will save gas because I would not be making an extra round to go home/come back.
Many students have already been allowed to receive their permit/licence, where as I, one of the few, do not have it. Though many have told you stories about their child and driving accidents, equal amounts, if not more, have told you stories of the benefits of allowing their child to drive. It is not a matter of whether or not you trust me to drive safely, but of whether or not it is safe enough to allow driving in general. There are many reasons why it is dangerous to allow this, but cars have technology that has saved many people’s
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