Life Alting Experience : A Life-Altering Experience

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A Life-Altering Experience It is not every day that one would have an experience that leaves them to consider their own mortality. In all my eighteen years, I have been in two vehicular accidents. Once when I was younger, my mom’s rental car was rear-ended on the way home from renting the car. And more recently during my senior year of high school when I took a truck to the face. The latter being a car wreck that has had a lasting impression on me, and one I likely won’t forget. It was a normal day in November of 2016 and my girlfriend Sally was driving her little sister Janey and I to get dinner at our local Mexican restaurant. From my house, the drive is only about ten minutes. Unfortunately the ten minute ride turned into a night …show more content…

I wouldn’t see my girlfriend again for hours. We arrived at the hospital a short drive later, I was taken into an examination room where I was told that I would be given a CT scan but until that point the neck brace had to stay on since the doctor and nurses could not be sure If did or did not have a head injury. I waited for what seemed like hours, still in the brace and extremely uncomfortable and impatient. I learned that my friends were safe and my girlfriend needed some stitches in her ear. I really just wanted to go home. It had been hours since I decided to leave for dinner and I was still hungry. My injuries were miniscule despite getting hit by a truck. There was a small cut on my arm that they sealed with some derma glue, which gave me the small scar I have on my arm today, and a large phallic shaped bruise on my thigh that would later shed a comedic relief for what could have been a tragedy. Other than that, despite being sore, I was incredibly lucky I had no major injuries and my scan came back normal. Sitting in that room for so long gave me plenty of time to be shocked, confused and scared about what had just happened. I nearly escaped death. Had that truck hit us any differently I could have hit my head and died. In addition, had I not been wearing my seatbelt I could have been thrown out of the car. Today I have trouble remembering exactly everything that happened, most likely because I lost

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