Grandpa Wismann

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As I slowly made my way down the concrete stairs holding onto the railing so I would not fall. One step, two steps, Three steps, all the way to the bottom. The stairwell was cold and echoed as I counted aloud. Finally the last step as I jumped landing with a big thud on the floor. I loved going to see my Grandma and Grandpa Wismann. Grandpa Wismann is a very important man, he is the Sherriff. My grandparents lived about the jail. I was allowed to go downstairs and explore certain parts of the jail. As a five year old it was the neatest thing on this earth. I would sit on Officer Walden’s lap and watch the television monitors. The monitors were so small, about 9 inch screens and the picture was in black and white. There were so many of …show more content…

It was a thin yellow cake with strawberry jelly rolled up into a loaf with icing over it. I was always given an extra big slice of cake because I was such a good girl. Once back upstairs off to the back room with Aunt Terri and Aunt Lida. It was dress up time. I would play with their clothes and make up. There is my favorite dress, a grayish blue dress with a rainbow of wide zigzag stripes. It was Aunt Lida’s skirt but I wore it as a skirt. It would wrap around me like a strapless dress. I wore my shoes so it would not drag the floor. My hair was up in curlers while putting make-up on my face. I had on bright red lipstick, rosy red cheeks, bright blue eye shadow, and some mascara to make my eyelashes look full and long. No outfit is complete without a necklace, just a plain white ribbon necklace that clung close to my neck. It was soft and silky smooth like the fur of a new baby kitten. Running down the hallway into the kitchen I went screaming, “Mommy, Mommy look at me, I look like a princess!!” Aunt Terry and Aunt Lida were always behind me smiling really big saying, “oh yes, you sure do look like a princess.” then they would start laughing really hard. Mom always picked me up giving me a big hug, spinning in a circle saying, “Yes, you do look like a beautiful princess.” I must have been so beautiful because everyone was looking at me and smiling and laughing. I had to go show Officer Walden and the other officers just how

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