Life 's Meaning Is What You Make It

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Life’s Meaning is What You Make It Friday, January 27, 2017. This was the night I formulated the answer to the great question that humans have been contemplating since our existence, “Are We Significant in the Universe?” After visiting the planetarium show at the University of Central Arkansas, I felt like I had it all figured out. Seeing the vast universe, or just the small amount that we have actually discovered, puts things into perspective about just how small the Earth is and how far away everything outside of our solar system is. There are stars that astronomers have discovered that are 13.3 billion light-years away and 2,000 times larger than our Earth’s Sun. While this may show us how small and seemingly unimportant humans are, we …show more content…

My claim that as a species, the human race has no significance in the universe as a whole is reinforced by Arbesman’s argument of humans not being located favorably in space, size, or time (Arbesman). However, Arbesman and I share different viewpoints on humans’ overall significance in the universe. The Earth is a tiny speck of dust in a vast sea of rocks, boulders, and pebbles floating aimlessly in space. The actions of what humans do here on Earth will not impact the rock that is seven light years away. We as humans can study and learn as much information about the universe as possible, but we will never directly impact the universe as a whole. To show humans’ insignificance in the universe, let’s pretend humans go extinct. The impact here on earth short term could be unpredictable, yet, the long term impact should happen like this. The ruins of our major cities and landmarks will begin to succumb to Mother Nature. Dirt will cover the roads and seeds will sprout. After a few thousands of years, human’s footprint here on this earth will have been covered up with dirt and overthrown by the flourishing herbage. The earth will continue on, vegetation will overtake our crumbling cities and new animals and species will roam the lands we once walked. The earth will not only continue to revolve around the sun, but continue to be overflowing with life. This all appears to be a major change, but the

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