Like A Girl Commercial Analysis

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Television commercials, newspaper sales magazines, and online promotional videos are all created each day with one goal in mind; to promote a product or products and to gain a sale. However, in recent commercial advertisings, companies are creating ads that leave the viewer(s) teary eyed and with a more profound idea of how we can make society or ourselves better; all without forcing a product to the viewer. The focus of my research is on the Always Campaign Commercial: Like A Girl, which aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The purpose of this research is to understand what the commercial itself is portraying while not focusing on the slogan ‘Like A Girl’. For the purpose of this research, I have studied video clips from the creation and behind the scenes of the commercial, the actors within the commercial, articles and editorial videos with feedback about this commercial, as well as studied similar commercials that released around this same time.

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