Limits Of IMC

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• Lastly, IMC saves a lot of money because it eliminates duplication and replication in areas such as graphics, imagery and photography since they can be displayed and used in advertising, exhibitions and sales events. By using a single agency for all communication, the agency fees are significantly reduced and even if there are different agencies, time is conserved when meetings bring all the agencies under one roof - for strategic planning, creative sessions, briefings, or tactical. The reduces work pressure and subsequent stress levels are among the many benefits of IMC.

Limitations of IMC:
While the traditional barriers to IMC like the usual resistance to change and the special problems of communication to a wide variety of potential …show more content…

In most but not all organisations, there appear to be very few people who have real time hands-on experience of all the marketing communication techniques. The absence of such expertise and knowledge is further compounded by an absence of commitment. Realising and working on such limitations is the first step in efficiently rolling out IMC.
• Also, it is not an uncommon sight to notice turf wars or internal power fights where a few managers resist having some of their decisions (including budgets) decided or even influenced by anyone from some other department. It shouldn't matter who introduced the creative idea, but more often than not, it does. An advertising agency might not be very comfortable about having developed a creative idea by a PR or some direct marketing consultant.
• IMC could also deter creativity. No more unconventional and sassy sales promotions unless they somehow fit into the overall marketing communication strategy agreed upon within the organisation. The thrill of impactful creativity may be choked, but the creative challenge may be bigger and ultimately more gratifying when operating within a closely integrated, creative

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