Listening : An Important Aspect Of Leadership

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Listening: An Important Aspect of Leadership : "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." We have all heard that famous quote from a very legendary leader, Winston Churchill. In this particular quote, I believe Churchill puts the emphasis on the aspect of listening. As easy as it is for us to speak our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, is it really as easy to listen? Throughout this paper, I will focus on why listening is important in leadership. I will identify different ways to listen, what effective listening is, and how it can impact leadership. Perhaps that is why Churchill describes it as “courage.” I suppose it is not as easy to listen as it is to speak. I mean, great…show more content…
It requires practice, effort, and patience. When leaders fail to focus on learning how to listen, they can fail as leaders. Just like our own personal relationships, we don’t want a spouse or a friend that does not know how or want to listen. We don’t want that in our leaders either. Listening in leadership is important because it is a great way to connect with people. They want to know that they are heard. Taking the time to turn off your inner voice and be available for someone else is very remarkable. It shows others that you care about their feelings, views or opinions. It’s a good way to show others that they matter. It helps form a deeper understanding of an issue or difficult situation. When you stop to really listen, you are able to remove the “layers” so you can dig deeper into the problem or topic of any situation. It also leads to better solutions to issues or problems. If you take the time to really listen, you will have a clearer picture of the problem. This means that you will be able to resolve the issue in a more complete and proper manner. Types of Listening Let’s keep it simple. We hear a lot of noise every day. At work, school, and outside. There is always a bunch of conversation going on. Sometimes, it is tough to soak up all of the information given to us. In fact, it takes skill to separate all of the information and choose the right listening style. Hearing is uncontrollable. Listening takes a special gift. There are
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