Listening To Rap Music

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Music defines who you are. It has really impacted my life. Different occasions dictate the type of music I listen to because it significantly changes my mood when i exercise, relax, or celebrate. When I want to or need to get myself exercise, I usually like to listen to music. Music gets me going especially when I listen to my rap music. It sounds like ghetto/rap with a lot of base and slurred words. The artist sounds tired, but something about the music or song just gets me invigorated. “Addicted to my Ex” by M-City J.R is one of the songs I listen to help me get started for my workout routine. He talks about his ex and as you go more into the song, his anger for her increases. Rapping about the things she did to him. …show more content…

Music that calms me down is still rap, but instead of having the volume all the way up, it’s about half way down. The reason I continue to listen to rap music is that the rapper’s voice soothes me. The ,sfmvoice is normally deep, sluggish, and weary. “Time for That” by Kevin Gates is the type of musician I like to listen to. Kevin Gates talks/raps about his soon to be girlfriend saying that she doesn’t want to wait to be his. Songs similar to this have a mood going that makes me happy, relaxed, and calm. I’m pretty sure everyone likes to celebrate. The idea of celebration can have a variety ways in which of it can be done. One way is by parting with friends, it just varies on the person. My own idea of celebration to me is to "party hardy.” Depending on the type of party, such as a country party or if it’s a “hangout” party. Obviously, if it’s a country party, “ am going to want some George Strait, it’s just my style. “Hangout” parties would be with my friends. Playing music that is modern rap, “get turnt playlist” (very hardcore rap style music.) All of us just connect when we hear that type of music.
In closing, music has impacted my life drastically. I listen to it every chance I get. Depending on my mood, I will listen to a certain playlist. I honestly think I wouldn’t be who I am today if music never came into my

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