Literary Analysis: The Maze Runner

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Literary Analysis Essay The idea of universal storytelling elements are things that are in everything we watch and read. We recognize them, and think about them without even realizing that they’re there. In The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, universal themes in the dystopian society such as Heroic scenarios, Likable characters, startling factors and using odd elements to keep the reader interested are used to make the story easier to relate too, and to make it more interesting for the reader. Heroic Scenarios are things that make the person doing them look heroic or brave. In the Maze Runner, Thomas does many things that some may say are the stupidest things he could have done. Others however, may say that Thomas is curiously brave. One…show more content…
Of course, with Thomas being the main character,he has many characteristics that make him likable. Due to his bravery, curiosity and his will to die to help the rest of the group escape, he is a character that you couldn’t hate even if you tried. “I'm not trying to scare you. You're already scared. All right? I'm scared. But I'd rather risk my life out there than spending the rest of it in here. We don't belong here. This place isn't our home. We were put here. We were trapped here. At least out there, we have a choice. We can make it out of here. I know that”(The Maze Runner) In this quote,Thomas shows his bravery and willingness to die to get the rest of the kids out of the glade and back to their families . Gally, on the other hand, is a character that is easy to hate. Gally was narrow minded, strict, and a coward. His desire for a incurious group of people, made the task of trying to escape even harder. He was a character that in the end of the movie where he died, we didn't cry as hard as we did for others; others such as Chuck. Chuck was a brave, hopeful, eccentric little boy who dreamed nothing more than for him to meet his parents. His death hit us all because we would have never thought that a character like him would die. A character's characteristics, and personality traits are what makes or breaks a…show more content…
They add exciting plot ideas that will make you not want to put your book down, adding monsters to the maze such as grievers adds thrill and danger to the story. The way the maze works may even be something that gets the reader attached. It is intriguing the way it changes shape like it does. Another example is when Teresa realized that Thomas and her are part of reason all those kids are down in on the glade, surrounded by the maze. “we did this to them.” (The Maze Runner) This quote alone is a great example of keeping the reader interested. There is no way the reader would want to stop after that. “ Why is it their fault” we ask ourselves. Writers know how to keep their audience interested and using storytelling elements like this is one way they do
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