Literary Fiction And Commercial Fiction

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In the genre of fiction there are two categories Literary fiction and Commercial fiction.Literary fiction contains complex characters, philosophical messages and endings are unsettling or unresolved.The other category Commercial fiction is the complete opposite of Literary fiction because the characters are almost always protagonists or villains, the endings have closure and the theme is straight forward.In the short story “The Destructors” by Graham Greene the theme is that seeing others do better than yourself will make you want to tear them down.This short story can be categorized into the Drama category because when the gang is still destroying the house Mr.Thomas comes home early the gang devises a plan to trap him in his own loo.The short story is different from others because it’s about tearing down a house that has survived the destruction of World War II.The story begins when the gang has a meeting to talk about their operations and that’s when T comes and tells the gang that Mr.Thomas showed him his house and he will be leaving on holiday break so they should try to break in and destroy the home.He tells them that he found a way into the house without making much noise.All of them agree that destroying the house is the way to go by voting for it then T gives everyone orders to get tools in order to make destroying the house a lot easier.As they are close to finishing the home Mr.Thomas unexpectedly comes home early and the gang scrambles to come up with a plan to

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