Literature Review of Global Fashion Branding and Marketing

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Literature Review This literature review examines the process of global fashion branding and marketing by looking at historical trends and methods used by different companies. The articles were chosen for their appropriates as global source materials which reflect some aspect of fashion branding and marketing. The attempt was to gain a comprehensive view of branding and marketing as they occur in the fashion industry and the how both are achieved. Review Marketing departments look to trends organized by the consumers of a particular industry's products to determine how the will present their product and list new ones as they emerge. Often, if a company has a good reputation, this is done by promoting the brand of a company in order to distinguish it from other products which may be similar but not the same. An example of this is the fact that Nestle has recently been using its company name to distinguish its products from those of other industry products rather than hoping that the product brand name can stand on its own (Banufu-Gomez, et al, 2009). Of course, this happens within the fashion industry also, but it is much more prevalent now that many brand names have reached a global significance (Crewe, 2008). Global marketing, and specifically branding, is sometimes problematic for a company considering that "A company's branding strategy often has a large impact on the success or failure of a particular product" (Banufu-Gomez, et al, 2009). When looking at the
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