Literature Review of Google's Android vs. Apple's iOS

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Literature Review A cellular phone application sometimes called mobile application is a phone application system that performs different functions other than making a phone call and the functions range from games to medical functions. The term "app" refers to software that users could download onto their cell phone. However, both iphone and android phone contain applications ranging from games, books, calculators and other different application devices. Moreover, both iphone and android contain other application features such as microphone, GPS, or motion sensors to perform different application functions such as map for location assistance and GPS to locate motor vehicles. Apple's iPhone and Google's android not only contain the operating systems, both mobile phones have mobile development platform. Despite the common features shared by both iPhone and android phones, there are still differences in the application of the two phones. Iphone Versus android iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. The iPhone was original released in 2007 and by September 2012, Apple store contains more than 700,000 iOS applications, which have been collectively downloaded globally by more than 30 billion times. (Sharma, 2011). Typically, iPhone OS is a default operating system of iPhone, and application system of iPhone has four abstraction layer which include the Core Services layer, the Core OS layer, the Cocoa Touch layer and the Media layer. The

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