Essay on Living Life in a Better, Healthier Way

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In this era of globalisation and technology, health is always being put aside by Malaysians. People tend to not to care about their own health and care about wealth more than anything else. From logic point of view, this kind of perspective is totally wrong and unreasonable. People should care and place their health in the first place instead of their wealth. Wealth can be found anywhere when people are healthy but you can never buy health when you are sick unless you can pay for the treatments. Health should be one’s priority as it plays a crucial role in one’s life. Health is the one factor that determine and guarantee people abilities to do work, chores, and to complete every activity in life. From this, we can how important and how …show more content…

According to Minton (2013), a research had shown that MSG damages the appetite regulation centre in the hypothalamus, causing leptin resistance which causes weight gain and obesity in lab animals. Examples of some processed foods are snacks, canned foods and convenience foods. We should also prevent eating too much fast foods - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Big Apple and McDonald - which are lack in nutritional value that is crucial in one’s health. Besides, we should control our craving on food. Eliminating night time eating will also assist in weight reduction and health improvement. Some ways to prevent it are to eat every meal on time and chew strong flavor chewing gum during snack time as it will vanquish other food so that they don’t taste good. In addition, we should practice balanced diet. The Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Health Publication have introduced better alternatives that are the new healthy eating plate and the healthy eating pyramid ( Willett & Skerrett, 2005 as cited in Harvard School Public Health, 2008 ). The old food pyramid suggests that we must take most carbohydrate and least fats in each of our meals daily but the new healthy eating pyramid recommended us to eat less foods at the top part of the pyramid ( salt, sugary drinks and red meat ) and eat more from the bottom part ( whole grains and vegetables ).

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