Lk 1: 42

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It seems that Luke is intentionally alluding to 2 Samuel 6 since he recounts this story in which Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth with several details echoing the Old Testament passage where David begins his task of bringing the ark back to Jerusalem. Apparently, both stories start with David and Mary “traveling to the hill country of Judah” (2 Sam 6: 2; Lk 1: 39). Also, the ark and Mary are approached with joy (2 Sam 6: 15; Lk 1: 42, 44). Likewise, the verb presence used by Elizabeth’s greeting in Lk 1: 42 is only used in the Old Testament in connection with worshiping at the Ark. The verb “blessing” is explicitly mentioned in both stories (2 Sam 6: 10 – 12; Lk 1: 41, 43 – 44). There are similar questions asked in both passages. For example,
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