Long-Term Videography Analysis

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I searched for videos displaying students with similar goals to mine. I did not find any long-term videography documenting a premedical undergraduate lifestyle. As my individual journey continued I wondered if others considering the medical field had a curiosity about the process, and because of this I began to study the methods needed to film, edit, and record my own videos in the hopes of aiding and entertaining up and coming scholars interested in medicine. I post a couple films on "CrisVlogs (PreMed Edition)" YouTube channel a month showing me as a premedical college student along with an insight into my personal life. I have reached 50,000 views and hope to continue helping others. Interacting with patients at St. Rose Sienna Hospital fulfills my sense of purpose; helping others. Coming across patients ranging from labor contractions to gunshots trains me to stay calm when they are frightened and apprehensive. I am often tasked with the training of new volunteers. Over time, I have been able to build friendships with peers and staff. My main responsibility is discharging inpatients. I do my best to communicate effectively by engaging them in conversation. I spend 15 minutes learning about life stories, current complications, and future plans. I am the last impression a …show more content…

At the time, I did not know that working out, health and fitness would become one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy studying the human body while combining training and nutrition, learning how exercise affects metabolism, and in what way different activities affect a variety of muscle groups. I love conditioning because it helps me to de-stress during workouts, gives me pleasure when I reach difficult targets, allows me to meet new people and make friends with others having a similar interest. As a future physician I will lead by example and plan to continue striving to be healthy throughout my

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