Loris Malaguzzi was Born in Corregio, Italy in 1920. He lived in a city called Reggioi Emmilia in

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Loris Malaguzzi was Born in Corregio, Italy in 1920. He lived in a city called Reggioi Emmilia in Italy, which is recognized worldwide for its approach to education. After years past he then developed preschool and primary education in Italy after World War2. In 1976, the parents and the community confirmed their support for the guiding principles of the Reggio Approach to early childhood education. After his unexpected death, the community of Reggio Emilia carried on, implemented his dreams, and fulfilled the Reggio mission, which enhanced the potential of all children. Soon A foundation was named “The Reggio mission” and was established as the “International Centre for the Defense and Promotion of the Rights and Potential of all…show more content…
In the late 1960’s the schools were transferred to the city government for financing and operations. During the 1980’s Lori’s method was known by many educators and especially thanks to the first exhibit that was opened in Sweden at the Modern Museet in Stockholm. In 2003 the municipality of Reggio Emilia chose to manage the network and the system of school services and toddler centers by forming an association. By forming an association, the municipal schools and preschools could have their own independent programs and activities, they were still supported by the public sector of the government though. February 2006, the “Loris Malaguzzi International Centre” had opened, which was very successful and very important to the people that helped open the “Loris Malaguzzi International Centre.” I believe that Malaguzzi has a different and unique way to think because of the fact that he thought that children were powerful and full of desire and ability to construct their own knowledge. I also think that way because if we weren’t powerful and able to construct our own knowledge then how would we have progressed through life and be where we are now. For example Malaguzzi must have been real powerful in order for him to have had that knowledge and ability to open a new international Centre and schools throughout the world! He also thought that family and friends are
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