Lost Of A Romantic Comedy By Sofia Coppola

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Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation, widely considered an independent film, but with overtones of a romantic comedy, written and directed by Sofia Coppola, is an intimate portrayal of loneliness and human connection told through two Americans called Bob and Charlotte who meet in Tokyo, Japan. Charlotte is having an early 20s existential “what do I do with my life” crisis whereas Bob who is much older than charlotte, is having a midlife crisis. Both characters are two people at opposite ends of something comparable; she’s just beginning her life with her husband whereas Bob is on the other end, having been married for years. Its two characters who are dealing with similar inner conflicts, a seeming dissatisfaction with their current …show more content…

The title of the film potentially has two meanings with the two characters literally in a foreign country their understanding and communication with the world around them are “lost in translation” creating a world of isolation which allows themes of subtle comedy to arise throughout the film through the focus of the language barrier. The title can also be interpreted as not being able to communicate with others regardless of the language barrier.
The story centrally revolves around three characters; Bob and Charlotte who are our more conventional characters who are presented as equals in the story and follow similar journeys of discovery, their own internal conflicts. Bob arrives as a movie star in the twilight of his career in Tokyo to appear on talk shows and to film a whisky commercial, Charlotte on the other hand has come with her husband on business trip and lacks a real sense of purpose of her own. Both feel Isolated and have complicated and somewhat troubled relationships. The third character is less conventional is ever changing, is the world and the environment our characters find themselves in which Sophia Coppola cleverly creates using Tokyo. This is mainly created through seeing the world through the point of view of our other two characters, as Bob and

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