Low Morale And Morale

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1. High Morale–High Productivity
High morale reflects a predisposition to be more productive if proper leadership is provided. This situation is likely to occur when employees are motivated to achieve high performance standards through financial and non-financial rewards.

2. High Morale–Low Productivity
The situation arises when employees spend their time and energy in satisfying their personal objectives unrelated to the company’s goals. Faulty machinery, lack of training, ineffective supervision and restrictive norms of informal groups can also lead to low productivity on the part of employees with high morale.

3. Low Morale–High Productivity
Low morale cannot result in high productivity for a long period. However, this situation can …show more content…

It is a fundamental element of association achievement since it mirrors the mentalities and feelings of hierarchical individuals towards the association, its targets and strategies. These mentalities and assessments to a great extent influence profitability and fulfillment of people. Morale is the total fulfillment and person derivers frame his activity, his workgroup, his manager, his association and his environment.

High morale exists when employees' attitude is great towards their employments, their organization and their kindred specialists—positive to the aggregate circumstance of the gathering and to the achievement and capacity of its destinations. Low assurance exists when state of mind hinder the eagerness and capacity of the gathering to accomplish organization targets. In this manner, spirit of representatives ought to be high to accomplish the authoritative goals productively and adequately. High morale reduces labor turnover, wastes and disharmony.

Employees with high morale like their jobs and co-operate fully with the management towards the achievement of goals of the organization. It results from job satisfaction and greatest job enthusiasm. High morale is indeed a manifestation of the employees’ strength, dependability, pride, confidence and devotion. All these qualities of mind and character taken together create high morale among the

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