Luke 24: 1-11 Digital Evidence

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My text, Luke 24:1-11, has a narrative literacy form. The literacy device of narrative is contained of scenes, point of view, dialogue and rhetorical devices. My text contains what I would consider two scenes, the scene at the tomb and the scene after the woman’s experience at the tomb. Scene one starts in 24:1-8 and scene two starts 24:9-11. Typically, the action of the story is broken up into scenes. Each scene offering what events occurred at a place, setting or time. The first scene in my text is the women visiting the tomb to prepare the body of Jesus. They were surprised to find the stone rolled away and the body of Jesus missing. Then accompanied by two angels, they were asked if they remembered what Jesus had said was going to happen after his death. After hearing this, the women remembered. The next scene is the women going to the apostles and the rest sharing what they found. It ends with…show more content…
Plot is made up of scenes that when put together make the story. Plot shows us the flow and relationship of incidents, events, or actions of the narrative. The climax of the story can be revealed in a single phrase or speech from one of the primary persons in the story. In the case of my text, I believe that this occurs in 24:5-7. The angels have a simple speech that brought together, for the women, why Jesus’ body is gone and how he lives.
Dialogue is the communication between characters that occurs through the words they exchange. Dialogue has minimal involvement from the narrator, in this case Luke. In my text there is not much dialogue, 24:5-9, is the only written dialogue. If you look “between the lines,” you can see that more dialogue happened but was not recorded. An example of this is in verses ten and eleven. It is recorded that the women told the apostles about the resurrection, but their exact conversation was not
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