Airheads Business Analysis Essay

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Strategic Analysis Project
Airheads Trampoline Arena

26th July 2012

Table of contents

Executive Summary 7

Introduction 9
Family Entertainment Center Industry 9
Market Size 9
Sales Growth 10
Stages of Industry Life Cycle 11
Trend 12
Key Competitors 12
Pest Analysis 13
Exhibit 1: Factors of the PEST Analysis 14
Political and Legal Factors 14
Economic Factors 16
Socio-Cultural Factors 20
Technological Factors 21
PEST Analysis Conclusion 22
Porter’s Five Forces 24
Threat of New Entrants 24
Exhibit 2: Barriers to Entry Checklist 24
New Entrants Conclusion
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This firm falls within the family entertainment center (FEC) industry and opened its first location in 2010. Currently, the business has three open locations: Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Orlando. It offers services specifically for trampoline usage but also diversifies by providing an arcade and a café. During 2011 the company’s revenue was higher than expected,
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