M3.10 Intriduction to Leadership Essay

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Leadership styles

1. Identify factors that will influence your choice of leadership styles or behaviours in your workplace.

The factors which influence my leadership styles and behaviours are:

• Workload and Time Pressure
• The feelings and body language of Individuals/Team
• Requests/Requirements of my Manager
• Customer Needs and Attitudes
• Personal Situations – either my own or that of my colleagues

Ultimately these factors would result in my behaviour being that of an affiliative and democratic style of leadership. It is also possible that a coaching style my also become apparent, where the factor is that of a personal situation.

2. Explain why these leadership styles or behaviours are likely to have a positive …show more content…

Referring to the Hay McBer and Goleman model, it is apparent that I sway very much towards affiliative and democratic styles of leadership. However from reviewing my recent behaviour, I am also inclined towards a coaching style, especially when the situation is that of a personal nature.

As a potential team leader it is possible that I may adopt more of an authoritative style especially when implementing working practices and achieving goals and objectives. Although this style can lower staff morale in the short term it has been proven within our business to gain long term results.

Upon asking my General Manager/Director to assess my leadership style, he made the following comments:
‘XXXX is very much in the affiliative style of leadership. Sometimes she will put peoples’ feelings first, putting their feelings ahead of the task in hand for fear of causing conflict. I feel that sometimes XXXX needs to move away from that style of leadership and progress more into a democratic and authoritative style. XXXX will know what needs to be done or changed but will refrain from putting the idea or solution forward in fear of upsetting her colleagues. Although when XXXX does move into the democratic space she can be very persuasive at getting team buy in and can be open to other team member ideas and suggested solutions.’

2 Describe what actions you could take to improve as a

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