MBK Challenges

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Two years ago, President Barack Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper initiative to address the persistent opportunity gap faced by boys and young men of color. MBK challenges communities throughout the country to ensure all people receive resources and experiences that allow them to reach their full potential. In consideration of the President’s call to action, Fermilab will host its first MBK Lab Day on March 29. Fermilab is one of 11 participating DOE labs to take on the MBK challenge this year. “Over 250 communities responded with plans on how they’ll engage their youth,” said Amanda Quiñones, a DOE diversity and inclusions specialist. “The laboratory education directors are crucial in making this successful and working with the community to bring in folks that haven’t had access to the labs before.”…show more content…
Quiñones initially disseminates the information to the communities taking on the MBK challenge, and Dahl coordinates the outreach and event. “We have a wide net cast over a lot of communities,” Dahl said. “It’s an opportunity for students to make a connection with Fermilab’s diverse workforce and to see the diversity of opportunities for people that look like themselves.” Communities from Chicago to Rockford, Ill., and as far as Madison, Wis. are invited to visit Fermilab. Each center, organization or school must send a maximum of 10 students with a chaperone. The day will kick off with a video introduction to Fermilab, a lab tour with the docents and a panel discussion with Fermilab scientists and engineers. Registration for Fermilab’s MBK Day ends March 22. The initiative helps cement student interest in various career paths, but the goal of Lab Day is to inspire students and help them discover new
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