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Blake Martinez November 1, 2013 Lab Write-up Group: Blake, Eric, Nadia, Fidelia Newton’s Third Law Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to calibrate two force sensors properly. Observe the directional relationship between force pairs. Observe the time variation of force pairs. We need to explain Newton’s third law in simple language. Materials: LabPro Interface Two Vernier force sensors .5kg mass String Rubber band DataMate Program Preliminary: 1. The force of the window on the bug because the bug is just flying, but the force of the window at a given speed is much greater creating the force to splatter the bug. 2. Yes, my right hand does experience a force. When I pull with my left hand I do add force with my…show more content…
4. No they both have the same number but one positive and the other negative as it shows in the graph. They were mirror images of each other. 5. What’s really meant is that the forces are the same but going in different directions as a mirror image of one another. So when one force is going for example 2 newtons in a positive direction, the same amount is going in the opposite direction. 6. After knowing A=B maybe the force is equal from the bug and the windshield. That’s the case with Newton’s third law Extensions: 1. There is a force being put on the bench, but no it does not pull back. Yes, if a person was holding another sensor then there would be a force from that person holding the sensor so it won’t move. That’s why we use our lab bench. 2. No, the forces went in equal and opposite directions just as the rubber band and string Conclusion/Discussion: This lab was pretty cool because we got to do numerous tests and see different but similar results. I learned how Newton’s Third Law works and it’s very cool. Newton’s third law happens in everyday life. For example, fighting over the remote control with your brother, you both add an equal and opposite reaction of force. Overall this lab was fun and a learning lesson. I had a great time with this fun
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