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Course Director: Caroline Norman 11 December 2014 MA Design Management: Professional Development The Purple Agency, November 2014. Contents 1. Where am I now? 3 2. Where do I want to be? 6 3. What opportunities are there? 8 4. What do I need to get there? 10 5. How am I going to use the course? 11
5.1 Summary 12 6. References 13 7. Appendices 14 List of tables and figures A. Industry experience infographic 3 B. Summary of clear versus less clear preferences 5 C. Agency organisational structure 7 D. Design Council Design Industry Research 2010 report 8 E. Technical skills infographic 10 F. Personal development 11 Appendices Appendix A: Curriculum Vitae 14 Appendix B: Professional Biography 19 Appendix C: Personal Biography 19 Appendix D: Linkedin profile 21 Appendix E: Course key dates 29 Appendix F: Module descriptions 30 Where am I now? My career in the design industry has spanned more than twenty years from my early years as a junior designer, through to my current role as a Studio Manager for a multi-national, integrated design and marketing agency. I have had an interesting career, working in many sectors and even working abroad on a couple of occasions. Fig. A: Infographic of my industry experience. Based on primary source data (2014). To make the most of my Master’s degree I have created a plan that outlines my future career goals, whilst reflecting on my personal and professional life journey up to my current role to date. Through reflection, the

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