Macey Cleary Interview Essay

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For the past three years, I have actively been a member of Future Business Leaders of America at my high school. When I had the opportunity my freshman year to take on my first leadership role for the organization, it was then when I realized how much I enjoyed the business field and wanted to go into marketing and public relations. With high school graduation approaching in less than a year, I want to be sure that this is something I really want to do. I decided to interview Macey Cleary to get some information on the field. With her substantial amount of involvement, experiences, and skill level at such an early stage of her career, I knew that there was something that she could contribute to me that would better equip me for this competitive and steadily growing profession.
Macey is a recent graduate of Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in public relations and minored in leadership. Being that she is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, Macey choose Auburn University because she wanted a high class in-state …show more content…

“PR is sometimes perceived as an easy job or major. People think it is just talking to people, and that’s incorrect. It is so much more than that.” There are a couple of tasks that she completes everyday like media monitoring for her clients. Media monitoring is where she types her clients’ names into google news to see if any articles her firm secured had been posted. She also responses to messages, posts, and comments on O’Charley’s Facebook page – which is one of Reed’s biggest clients. She then completes daily to-do list and prioritize each assignment based on the provided deadlines; the work never ends. Although public relations can be a stressful work environment with a lot of pressure for high performance, she enjoys being able to work with clients and secure huge media hits for

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