Macro Level Coordination In Nursing

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The macro- level coordination mechanisms being used in Unit B that were not used in Unit A included mostly included organization and communication and they work as a team, forming units in various departments. Organization design is the arrangement of responsibilities, authority, and flow of information within an organization, resulting in its organization structure (Burns, Braley, Weiner & Shortell, 2012). Macro level coordination is where the focus of analysis is on the overall coordination needs and structural approaches to address those need (Burns, Braley, Weiner & Shortell, 2012). In unit A communication among the nurses, therapists, social workers, residents, and attending physicians regarding patient care is poor, and relationships among them are strained (Burns, Braley, Weiner & Shortell, 2012). In unit B nursing staff on the unit are organized into teams, with each team responsible for assigned patients from admission to discharge, the house staff in medicine in the hospital also are organized into teams, and except when beds are not available (Burns, Braley, Weiner & Shortell, 2012). Task interdependence among staff A included patient care units Nurses, physicians, and other health professionals in unit A consisted of discipline compared to unit B where conduct interdisciplinary rounds were not something team A took seriously. Differences between the effectively functioning Unit B and the chaotic Unit A are seen by many administrators and health care

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