Mahatma Gandhi And The Equality Of Human Rights

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Mahatma Gandhi was a man that changed history for the equality of human rights with a non-violence movement that impacted philosophy. He proved out to reach equality without provoking the injustice which spoke greater lengths than violence ever did. His teachings remain to pronounce a new form to seek justice. He was the man who flourished a new way of understanding the value of the soul instead of the body which taught us all the principles of nonviolence through organizations that led into positive outcomes.
Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, he was raised in a family who had a big devotion to Hindu worshipping. Hinduism as a religion created a peaceful mindset which later in life helped him develop a passive way to react …show more content…

Gandhi viewed the situation as if one person had authority and committed injustice to another individual, the person with authority will act upon the individual but if the individual make no tantrum against the person with authority the scene created was absolute not fair. This also ties in into the ego the person with authority has because as they feel the empowerment over the situation knowing they supposedly have the right to do the immoral action which is classified as inhuman.
Gandhi didn’t only advocate but had organizations represent what he supported. One of the organization was gaining India their independence from Britain using the non-violence tactic. One of the way he ‘protested’ against British officials was by making civilians to stay home to not contribute to any work which would make the economy of Britain be disrupted. As Indians set example of not harming but not following the Britain laws they eventually signed their Independence. He was successful to accomplish the goal he intended using his tactic.
Agreeing with Gandhi that ahimsa a non-violence tactic would be useful for personal and political purpose. As the the non-violence procedure does sound reasonable to state your point and create a visualization of how the inequality it still seemed to have problems. The wrong of preceding this tactic creates consequences because though you are not acting upon the person prosecuting, upon

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