Maintaining The Good Vibe On Employee Engagement

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Maintaining the good vibe on employee engagement is vital for TQM implementation although it is difficult to do so. Organisation need to give extra attention on this problem. Extra workloads and procedures will make the employees feel dissatisfied and leave the company as showed in qualitative results. Additional monetary or non monetary rewards as mentioned by both managers in the interviews are important to enhance the level of engagement and satisfaction among the employees. When employee feel not needed in the organization, they have low performances. This is supporting the views by Gebauer (2008) where employee engagement is related to individual behavior; including the act of willingness to show commitments in the work performances or refuse to do so. Inter-organisational barriers of TQM implementation In supporting the second objective, the questionnaire on barriers of TQM implementation was conducted. The research findings is taken together the various literatures had been discussed in Chapter 2 on the unfavourable circumstances that become hindrance to the TQM practices that summarised as following:  Poor top management commitment (Master, 1996; Bohan, 1998; Soltani et al., 2005)  Difficulties in delivering message to employees and low employee commitment (Harris, 1995)  Organisational culture (Shaari, 2010; Masters, 1996)  Mobility of management (Soltani et al., 2005)  Risk avoidance (Soltani et al., 2005)  Low employee involvement on execution plan

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