Malnutrition And Its Effects On Children

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In Nepal, malnutrition accounts for 60% of child deaths. More and more than 50,000 children die each year from malnutrition. Side effects vary from child to adult. Malnutrition is most severe in children, causing growth failure, irritability, muscle wasting, swelling of the abdomen and legs, and skin becoming dry. There are two types of protein energy malnutrition (PEM) in children, Marasmus and Kwashiorkor: .
• Marasmus is linked to weight loss and muscle wasting. Fat beneath the skin disappears and the skin appears pinched.
• Kwashiorkor causes hair to change pigment, the face begins to swell and skin is dry and contains stretch marks.
Hope is currently underway. The UNICEF and other agencies are aiding in shedding light
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When proper nutritious foods are not available, the entire family suffers.
Key Risk Factors
There are many risk factors that are associated with malnutrition, but low income, social isolation and a poor diet are among the top factors. When families do not have a high income or money is not assessable, nutritious foods are unable to be obtained. Healthier foods might not necessarily be more expensive, but with chronic diseases money gets cut from the food bill to afford medications. Cost for housing or transportation also need to be taken into consideration. Social isolation in a suburban area may play a key role in malnutrition. If nutritious foods are not consumed in an everyday diet, a poor diet occurs. Proper nutrition is needed for growth and learning.
Economic and Social Consequences
The consequences are numerous when addressing malnutrition in children. Proper nutrition is key in living an active and healthy life. When children are undernourished they have a weaker immune system and are more susceptible to illnesses and infections. A long-term lack of nutrition can cause stunting, delayed development, cognitive and motor skills, pneumonia and diarrhea. According to UNICEF, stunting in early life is linked to 0.7 grade loss in schooling, a 7-month delay in starting school and between 22-45% reduction in lifetime earnings. When children are stunted,
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