The Effects Of Proper Nutrients On Children

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There are many consequences when children do not get enough nutrients while in development. The imbalance of proper nutrients brings too many effects towards growth and development on children. Drugs, mental health conditions, and also neglecting parents disturb the appropriate grow of a child. Our body needs a balance amount of nutrients for our survival and for a good health. When people consume drugs, such as, amphetamines, cocaine and some other illegal drugs they are in higher risk of not getting enough nutrients for their body and health. They tend to skip meals affecting their body, and also their internal organs. Drug addicts do not eat because they do not feel hungry while in drugs. By not eating while on drugs, they affect their internal organs, their teeth, hair, skin and most importantly their overall health. By not getting enough nutrients children tend to have cognitive problems. It is very important to eat a proper breakfast because our body needs energy to start the day. A balance diet is important for a proper nutrition for our well-being of our body and mind. Children tend to do better in school if they get a proper breakfast starting the day. In this author opinion, by not having a proper breakfast the day will be longer and stressful being that we will be thinking about what we need to eat. Nevertheless, undernutrition and over nutrition play an important role in children development. Undernutrition, affects poor developing countries because there is
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