Management Accounting System

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In order to successful a company in the short term or long term a company should have a good " A management Accounting System (MAS). MAS is the a system that company have to help them about control and quality of decision making in order to gain the most effective and efficiency decison. It includes management repots, company's accounts and statistical information to provide an accurate and professional information that consist every single aspect from the company. There are so many way tools and techniques applied for a Management accounting system. It could be financial and non-financial tools and techniques.

List of Mananagement Accounting : - Daily bank reconciliation and support
- Journals and reconciliation
- Maintenance of tax accounting fixed assets
- Profit and loss accounts
-Target Costing
- Revenue repots
- SWOT analysis
- Reports which consist of how many tenant check in and out
- Capital Budget repots
- Variance Analysis
- Budgets for every quarter and annual
- CVP analysis
- Flexible budget MAS at Unilodge

1. SWOT analysis swot analysis stands for Strength, Weakness , Opportunity and Threats of organisation in external or even internal market condition . Swot analysis is simple and straight-forward method model that determine what company can't do, seek the possible opportunity and limitation or threats. Swot analysis is accessible and it includes quantitative and qualitative analysis for the company.

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