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Content 1. Introduction 1.1) About Herbalife 1.2) Mission of Herbalife 1.3) Herbalife Way 1. Macro Environmental Factors 2.4) Political/Legal Forces 2.5) Economic Condition 2.6) Social/Cultural Environment 2.7) Technology Changes 2. Micro Environmental Factors 3.8) Customer 3.9) Intensity of rivalry among competitor 3. Four Management Functions that affects the economy 4.10) Planning 4.11) Organizing 4.12) Leading 4.13) Controlling 4. Conclusion 5. Recommendation 1. Introduction 1.1) About Herbalife Herbalife is a global nutrition, weight management and skin care company. It runs the business in 84 countries (As…show more content…
This factor encloses research and development activities, automation, and technology incentives and so on. It can define the barrier of entry to the market, efficient level of production, outsourcing decision. For Herbalife, they have Nobel laureates to do research their products in their own labs. Herbalife always pressed in Time magazine and magazines in US but they never press and advertise in Singapore. To penetrate Singapore market, they should advertise and press in Singapore’s magazines and newspapers. 3. Micro Environmental factors Internal or micro environmental factors include Poter’s Five forces- bargaining Power of consumers, barging power of suppliers, threat of substitution, intensity of rivalry owing competitor, threat of new entrants. Among them, I want to discuss the following. 3.1) Customers Customers are one of powerful things in the business. They want the highest quality and the lowest price. Bargaining power of the customer mean that more than negotiation of the price and broader meaning than that. Customer’s words also helpful and work for the company. Once they satisfy with the products or service, they advise other people to use the product. For Herbalife, customer service needs to be better. They very take care the new customers but not very much to the old one. This fact must be aware because the new or the old

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