Management Styles In Management

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Every person brings a new management style with them to the positions. However, not all managing styles are effective for a well ran organization with good employees. Some aspects of a good manager are one who empowers their employees, motivates them, and in today’s work climate protect the staff from bullies. Along with personal issues that managers deal with in libraries, new technologies are introduced quickly. Managers are responsible for staff training on the new technology and creating new policies for the technology. Empowerment is one the most important things that a manager can give to their employee. Sahoo, Behera, and Tripathy found that employees who feel empowered are happier, do a better job, and they are more loyal to the …show more content…

Chang and Jang modified the theory again, in the graph below. (p.75). In this version of the theory intrinsic and extrinsic valence as well as intrinsic and extrinsic instrumentality is added to the theory. The study showed that the employees responded well to this motivational style. As a manager I want to provide my employees with a work environment that is safe from bullies. Bullying can lead to staff absenteeism, depression, and high employee turnover (). Strong leadership and clearly defined job descriptions are two things a manager can do to prevent bullying in the library (). Another thing a manager can do is create an environment where aggressive behavior is not accepted (). Situations where employees are experiencing heavier than usual workload or if the organization is restructuring can lead to bullying behaviors. As a manager these are time I need to be extra vigilant. Postorek, Contacos-Sawyer, and Thomas suggest that organizations make very clear in their policies what constitutes aggressive behavior. Also all staff member will know the steps in reporting and the disciplining of the bully. An important tip they give is for hiring new staff members. They suggest that when checking references to ask about aggressive behaviors so

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