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Management Theories Evolution
Management practice cannot exist without the support of a theory. The complex character of management as the scholarly discipline, the variety of opinions concerning the essence and content of management theory, require systematizing knowledge about this phenomenon. Management theory is a relatively new science since its systematic development and academic research has started mostly in the 20th century. Although it is difficult to name the most important theories and principles of management developed throughout all the history of management theory, since such views can be quite subjective, basing on the research it is possible to point out the ones that made the most considerable contribution to its development. This essay will tackle some of the key management milestones and point out their peculiarities, importance, and possible limitations.
Evolution of Management Theory: Five Important Milestones
In the 20th century, the science of management emerged and evolved due to the necessity to solve practical problems in the sphere of production, therefore, there was an active study of elective forms and methods of management, and the profession of a manager became a separate activity requiring corresponding skills and knowledge.
Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management
Frederick Winslow Taylor can be called the founder of the science of social management, with his fundamental work “The Principles of Scientific Management”. At that time,
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