Management Theory Of Management : The Father Of Modern Management

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Where scientific management theory focuses on individuals in the workplace, administrative management focuses on the work group. This theory was developed by Henri Fayol and is the process of getting things done through people and gives importance to groups and not to individual people. Fayol is also known as the “Father of Modern Management”. Henry Fayol published his book in 1916 titled “Industrial and General Administration” and gave his own 14 rules of management. These 14 rules of management that should guide an organization and put an emphasis on chain of command, allocation of authority, order, efficiency, equity, and stability. (Lunenberg, Irby, 2013). Fayol was also the first person to recognize that management is an ever continuous process.
Even the administrative theory has its criticisms. The administrative management theory is more management oriented and does not does not put the individual in perspective. Some of the concepts were borrowed from the military and tried to apply these concepts to businesses. For example, Fayol gave too much importance of commanding their people and not directing them. This theory also has a more mechanical approach and it does not deal with the aspect of motivation, leading, or communicating with their workers. The next theory is the behavioral management theory. Often called the human relations movement, behavioral management addresses the human dimension of work. One of the first people to take the behavioral science

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