Managers Must Discipline Employees For Organizational Behaviors Essay

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1. While managers must discipline employees for organizational behaviors from time to time, what are some of the challenges one faces; and what type of plan of action can one implement to put an end to the issues being presented. So, what is discipline, it’s a way for manager to instill learning, by helping one to improve their behavior; through that of corrective actions. Although, discipline has been classified as being harsh and unjustifiable towards employees not meeting company standards, and can be avoidable, others feel its beneficial in helping to improve one’s behavior through that of using corrective actions; instead of punishing them for their mistakes. However, for this concept to be the best alternative, managers need to approach the situation head on and quickly for it to be resolved; before more problems surface or become out of control. Just like with Quentin, who is making it a habit to miss work every Monday, and failing to meet company standards; while not holding up to his commitments of abiding to organizational standard and policies. This can be a huge problem for management as well as himself (Quentin), because no manager ever wants to put a plan of action into force just to obtain newer results; especially when one employee is lacking responsibility due to their actions. But unfortunately, sometimes they have no choice, and a plan of action is implemented and monitored to meet ones’ expectations; while being document throughout the whole process.

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