Managing A Performance Based Culture Change Is Needed

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The first priority I would have as CEO would be to stabilize our financial position. We cannot provide excellent quality healthcare if we are unable to operationally effective as it relates to our financial position. There are three components that have a direct impact on Mercy’s financial position. They include physician productivity, development (fundraising), and operational effectiveness. We recently hired a director of development so I would focus my time on finding ways to improve productivity and operational effectiveness. Specifically I would seek to understand our revenue cycle and ensure triggers are in place to monitor this critical aspect of our operations. I also would seek to create a performance based culture. Doing so …show more content…

10. Describe your approach to managing and developing staff. My approach to managing and developing a staff primarily focuses on three areas. First, it is important the organization has a strong appraisal process in place to support staff members. Although annual performance reports have been the industry norm, I would implement quarterly checkpoints to ensure that staff members were not surprised by their annual ratings. Second, in order for Mercy to continue to provide outstanding healthcare to its patients there must be an investment in continual training for its staff members. This would include conducting a skills assessment on a regular basis to identify areas for improvement. Finally, I believe that Mercy has responsibility to meet the various needs of its staff members. These needs are eloquently addressed in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. These needs include Physiological needs, Safety needs, Love and belonging, Esteem, and Self-actualization. 11. Provide examples of your ability to generate revenue from various sources, donors, grants, events and commercial payers. Explain your results on each and how this was accomplished. I don’t have any practical experience in these areas. I have already addressed my approach to grant management. My approach to donation management would initially be to examine

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