Primark Essay

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Report Brief: Managing Marketing in Primark
By: Rivu Barua, Marketing Consultant, Primark

Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Marketing Environment Analysis of Primark 4 2.1 S.W.O.T Analysis 4 2.1.1 Strength and Weaknesses 4 2.1.2 Opportunities and threats 4 2.2 Macro environment 5 3.0 Market Segmentation and Marketing Mix 6 3.1 Market Segmentation 6 3.2 Marketing Mix 7 4.0 Conclusion and Recommendations 8 4.1 Conclusion 8 4.2 Recommendations 8

1.0 Introduction

In today’s world marketing can be define in many ways. It has been changed in way of its market but definition rarely states the same. Marketing can also be defined as the process of creating value for customers in order to building …show more content…

The S.W.O.T analysis of Primark has been pinpointed below:
2.1.1 Strength * Primark has demand amongst the people because of the high street quality clothes and the lowest price amongst other retail shop. It also provides clothes for all groups of ages and people. * Primark is the second largest retail clothing shop of United Kingdom according to TNS by the volume of market share. * The company is a part of ETI (Ethical trading Initiative) which focuses on the labour rights and their production of goods. * It has good markets amongst the women for home appliances and cosmetics.
* Primark has its little issues about communicating and advertising because Primark does not advertise for itself which is a big weaker point for the company and advantage for its competitors. * Primark had issues with cheap labour which headed labours to a poor working condition and argued about labours right issues. * This company doesn’t have online access or online shopping which is a big weakness in today’s high-tech world.
2.1.2 Opportunities * They can provide high quality clothes and can gain trends of fashion world. Although can promoting of products to the fashion conscious people in cheap price. * Primark has the opportunities of share their market in overseas to keep the trend in United Kingdom. * Primark can expand a very big market in footwear and cosmetics which are very limited at the moment.
* It

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