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The learning resource I have chosen is actually also used as an ice breaker for a lesson and then used to build on students communication, reading and understanding skills. The task is used to put students under a time constraint to complete a task of ready and answering simple and possibly trick questions in a short time frame. This resource is not used in a way to trick students but used to then get them to reflect on their ready and interpretation of a question. For example, the first part of the document tell them what they must do and this also asks them to use the space before the number to write their answers. Many students do not do this and proceed to write their answers at the end of the
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They enjoy observing others and will listen to their views before offering their own.
Theorists adapt and integrate observations into complex and logically sound theories. They think problems through in a step by step way. They tend to be perfectionists who like to fit things into a rational scheme. They tend to be detached and analytical rather than subjective or emotive in their thinking.
Activists like to be involved in new experiences. They are open minded and enthusiastic about new ideas but get bored with implementation. They enjoy doing things and tend to act first and consider the implications afterwards. They like working with others but tend to hog the limelight. And finally;
Pragmatists are keen to try things out. They want concepts that can be applied to their job. They tend to be impatient with lengthy discussions and are practical and down to earth.
The one good thing about this resource is as long as I have it on paper to hand out (good planning) I don’t need any other resource or technology. I have used this learning resource as a back up lesson in the past when either our computer systems have gone down, or I have arrived at a venue that does not have ICT facilities of some way of showing resources on a smart board or projector. This learning resource is shared out so widely. As mentioned earlier many students ask for a copy to take away with them so I ensure I always have spares to hand to give out and share the experience. Even
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