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Manchester United Case Study Sir Alexander Ferguson, a former Scottish soccer player and manager, is well known and highly recognized for his time managing at Manchester United from 1986 to 2013. His time spent at Manchester United is analyzed by fellow coworkers, managers, and players as one of the most successful in his field and most commendable of all time. Ferguson could probably be called the greatest football coach of all time. With 26 seasons as the central piece at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson won 13 English Premier League titles, and 25 other domestic and international trophies. Ferguson was a man of consistency during his tenure as Man U’s club manager placing at least in top three of the league every year. Before…show more content…
After this first high point of this team’s career, an 80,000-seat stadium was built to help this soon-to-be decorated team become one of the top contenders in the league. Though the early success and renovations were exciting, Manchester United went through a forty-year period where the club did not win another title. Matt Busby soon took over the team and introduced a completely new way of managing. He took control of almost every aspect. With his unique way of management, he was able to bring back the title in 1952. Shortly after this success, however, a tragic plane crash at the Munich Airport killed seven players. Busby was able to make a full recovery and was determined to bring the title back to United, which he did in 1968. Busby left the team in 1969 and Manchester saw a major decline and did not return as a threat in the league until the 1980’s. However, by finishing at the bottom of the league, Manchester United reached the point of being in the relegation zone which called for the firing of manager Ron Atkinson. This is what opened the window to the reign of club manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson arrived at Manchester United on November 6, 1986, and Ferguson immediately implemented a new fitness program, which was something that the program had lacked for quite some time. He made an effort to surround the team with a family atmosphere in which everybody was considered a valuable part of the team. Ferguson also set out to develop a youth

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