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CE1.12 I used the Raster image option in Mapinfo for generating detailed topographical features and calculating the geographical distances and areas. I developed a two stage process for the creation of raster image. First, I initialized the vector coordinate values of the new location site obtained from the GPS receiver from the database Mapinfo software. Second step was the integration of the scanned aerial photographs obtained from Google Earth and paper map of the site location provided by the surveying agency, Survey of India. I added the coordinate values manually in the MapInfo table tool box, as there were some areas where GPS signal was unavailable.

CE1.13 I noticed that the spatial data of the new BTS site data were provided by …show more content…

I documented all measurements and findings based on the land survey and submitted reports to Team lead for further verification of the report.
CE1.16 I was in-charge for submitting pre-deployment survey report for installation of the new BTS tower. I investigated the terrain feature obtained from the Mapinfo software. The information obtained from Mapinfo was used as the basis for the identifying the ideal location for the cell site. CE1.17 I conducted a wireless survey by using a wireless adapter for detecting the existing active access points and measuring the signal strength in new location site. Since pre-deployment survey was initial process for coverage site survey, I decided temporary access point as the reference point and applied trial and error method to identify different AP located on the new site within the limited boundary.
CE1.18 I used a spectrum analyser with a band of 2.4 GHz which was connected to the PC for the survey to detect the RF activity in the limited location and was used to calculate the signal as well as the noise intensity in the region. I noticed variations in the power as I moved along from the reference point; I noted and referred this variation was due to the channel interference of the neighbouring BTS towers. I used the PC to generate the graphical and numerical data based on the spectrum analyser.
CE 1.19 For the accuracy of measurement and data, I

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