Marketing Analysis : Health Marketing Communications Essay

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In summary, Thai people are becoming more concerns about health including their body weight, which causes the high number of sales growth of alternative healthy foods and supplements in the country. While weight management supplements, has been forecasted to dominate 40% of consumer health products in the year 2020, bringing more opportunities for brands to penetrate into this market segment. However, brands have to carefully consider the credibility of marketing tools when approaching health-conscious consumers since they have been growing up among information rich society. At the same time, they are familiar with traditional marketing and sales tactics. Therefore, they tend to have an open mind to initiative marketing and authentic contents rather than direct advertising. Also, it has been noted that visual contents distributed through online platforms, in particular, social media have priority over their media consumption behaviour. In this regards, a better understanding on the characteristic of Gen Y and their communication preference had guided the researcher more appropriately select content marketing representatives for conducting the primary research.

2.3. Health marketing communications

This section has been divided into two dimensions, the former focuses on the strategies that were widely used to support the effective communication within the healthcare industry, but in a different way; Social Marketing and Content Marketing. However,

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