Marketing Analysis : Zag Equipment And Software

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Kevin Wallace
MKTG 310
New Product Paper

Dropbox #2 new product paper
Zag equipment and software

This new product ZAG that I am marketing is a product they could have many different uses. Many the uses are in the art world and can be used also in the engineering market. In the art market our art world he can be used to create beautiful works of art with the use of a touch screen computer, smart phone, tablet and a possible market in the game console market. It can also be used in the engineering field to design and promote the ideas from their blueprints to real life objects so they can be seen in a different perspective than on paper on a 3-D model. Also, this product will revolutionize the 3-D printing market …show more content…

Being that the target market would be the younger, tech savvy and a more middle-class group, these groups have grown up in a highly growing and technologically advanced time in society. Technology like the product ZAG is becoming more of the norm. With this group in the 15 through 35 years old age group seems to have the mindset or skill set for the use of this product.

For my target market for this product which will be competing with the 3-D printing industry I will be promoting it to a target market of individual’s male and female artists, engineers, and students between the ages of 15 to 35 years old. Most these individuals will be in urban and inner-city throughout the country. Is based upon the lower to upper middle class pay ranges for the affordability of this product. This product will have many uses and could have different uses with private or commercial consumers. This product will be targeting everyone from the tween’s who relate to the social media market and the use of apps. Then there’s the millennial’s or generation Y group who is computer and tech savvy also into conserving and green products, biodegradable, or environmental friendly materials can be used with this equipment.

For that want to learn and use a tool for carving and creating artwork but do not have the skills to hand

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