Marketing And Marketing Environment : Marketing Strategy And Planning, Execution, And Operations And Infrastructure

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Synopsis of Article
The article begins by asserting that changes over time in the marketing environment have led to the need for marketers to play multiple roles such as that of a strategist, technologist, and scientist. Until now, marketers experienced issues when marketing ambitions and the company’s capabilities are not paralleled. This gap has served as the driving force behind an innovative approach to marketing which combines the function of marketing with all other functions that it intersects with such as sales, finance, IT, etc. This, however, presents problems such as break downs in communication, stalled processes, and blurred boundaries. More modern and innovative companies have moved toward marketing that is more collaborative and interactive which increases the value and effectiveness of marketing efforts. A more effective approach would be to identify, focus on, and improve the critical decision processes. The three categories of marketing related decisions are strategy and planning, execution, and operations and infrastructure. Because these decisions are positioned at the juncture of different functions, they cannot be made by marketing alone. Some decisions require collaboration of marketing with “sales, product management, pricing, analytic groups, IT, or other functions.”
Redesigning the decision process can involve several steps including a decision x-ray, which is an in-depth review of the current decision making process to identify how

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