Marketing And Production Of Goods And Services

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XYZ is a business company that deals with fast moving products hence it requires to change its working strategies from time to time. The primary target of any business is to make a profit. Hence, XYZ must always strive to reduce cost and maximize profit from its products and service. As the marketing and operational overseer, it is my mandate to come up with a best possible strategy for the company to maximize its profits and remain sustainable in the market (Kahn, 2013). The strategies that are outlaid in this paper will mainly focus on the operations of the marketing and production of goods and services. The paper intends to outlay the proposal for XYZ service and marketing strategies.
Marketing is the best platform through which the company can be its potential customers to buy its products and services. Therefore, the management should plan strong campaign team that will enable the company employees to engage customers on one on one discussion about their products and services. The platforms should design so as to enable the company to have more subscribers, fans and followers talking about XYZ products and services. The platforms will allow the company to create a connection that will enhance the quality of service delivery and product production. The best place to create such platform is the social media; currently, the social media has become the place where most people spend their time. The popularity of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus is not

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