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Social media has taken the marketing world by storm. Today, not only do companies have a dedicated Website,but organizations, representative of all industries and sizes, also have a blog, Twitter account, Facebook page and a Youtube channel (Wetpaint & Alimeter, 2009). In fact, social media is the number one activity on the web. Because of this, companies view social media as a critical component to its overall marketing strategy, especially since these tactics are cost-effective and produce results (Wetpaint & Alimeter Group, 2009).

A social media strategy allows a business to reach a different audience – sometimes a smaller, niche audience committed to a brand or industry. In addition, such …show more content…

Yet, the one thing that could be confusing is the fact that there are three “fan pages” dedicated to Rust-Oleum. How can a consumer differentiate between the three, and how does one know they are on the official Facebook page? Also, how does one know that they are on the correct page when seeking information on Rust-Oleum Specialty products? To find the answers to these questions, Rust-Oleum’s marketing team will need to take hold of its brand on the site especially since its target demographic aligns perfectly with Facebook’s largest growing segment, those 35 and older. Too, it will need to creatively and distinctly differentiate its various brands as not to confuse consumers; thus, ensuring they are being directed to the correct social media site.

As for Twitter, it affords a great opportunity for Rust-Oleum Specialty to reach a very targeted demographic with how-to tips and company news. This is one social media outlet that should definitely be explored by the company. In addition, the company does have limited presence on YouTube, SlideShare and other sites. There are some how-to videos posted on YouTube; yet, the company does not have a dedicated channel, which would make it easy to find on the site and provide a comprehensive library of how-to videos on the products. There are numerous opportunities available for Rust-Oleum Specialty to set a precedent in the social media space for

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