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Abercrombie & Fitch Marketing Assignment Executive Summary Established in 1892, Abercrombie & Fitch marketing strategy has always been to target those between the ages of 18 and 22. A&F’s gross sales have been $539 million in 2008; however sales have dropped by 5% from the previous year due to the recession. In order for sales to improve our marketing consulting team has developed an internal analysis, which identifies, assesses, predicts, and accommodates the human resources, technology, finances and operations that A&F possesses. The internal analysis explains how these possessions, which have helped the organization until present time, can be used to help increase sales during this recession. Furthermore, the…show more content…
This accounts for an estimated 30% of total teen retail sales (Fayt, 2009). Predict: Since consumers have less income due to the recession, and there is less demand, consumers will look for discounts in order to continue to buy products. Since A&F has decided to keep its prices steady, they may lose consumers and as result will have large financial losses. Accommodate: A&F has lost too much in lost revenues due to its reluctance to give consumers discounts so A&F will have to soon start giving small discounts to consumers if it wants to maintain the amount of consumers it has and not have any large financial losses. Human Resources Identify: A&F tends to hire employees that “fit its brand”. These types of employees however, tend to be college students who are young, attractive, white, male, and preppie (Avery, Crain, 2007). Assess: A&F hires these employees since they feel they fit their brand image well and will help sell the product better. However, those who apply and are of an ethnic minority or who are female may be discriminated against. Predict: This sort of discriminatory selection puts A&F at risk of a lawsuit for violating antidiscrimination laws. If A&F does end up facing a lawsuit, it could hurt its reputation and cause it to lose consumer support. Accommodate: If A&F

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