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Contents I. The Proposal 2 II. Strengths and Weaknesses 3 III. Potential Risk and Difficulty in Implementation 6 IV. Requirement to Succeed 7 V. Potential Ethical Issues in Implementation 8 VI. References 9 VII. Appendice 1 11 The Proposal I will start off my assignment by giving an overview of the frameworks, theories and models that went into the deliberation and decision making process in terms of the value proposition we offered as this information was not highlighted sufficiently in the presentation. The team followed a fairly sensible process in terms of analyzing the core chunks of the assignment in order to build a roadmap with key milestones, corresponding roles and responsibilities as well as timelines leading up to …show more content…

As the team we brainstormed the internal, external factors using PESTEL and SWOT identifying key issues and potential opportunities for growth in introducing a new value proposition that could compete with the smartphone, in a global arena. In coming up with a proposition we considered the trends in the market with smartphone usage curtailing cameras, Nikon’s strategy to reinvent their brand by appealing to these smartphone users, survey results and the key segments identified. This along with the challenges of the technology switch, substitute competition cannibalizing camera usage through the smartphone takeover, new consumer behaviors and the new definition of the photography market. As well the fundamental understanding of the Nikon product range and competitor analysis. We subsequently came up with the recommendation to capture smartphone photo enthusiasts by offering a similar proposition that could compete in the “Smartphone” market. The proposition was a smartphone with a waterproof detachable case, slim fit and compact enough to create a similar experience to the smartphone, while providing the enhanced feature of interchangeable lenses and a Nikon camera app allowing the user a better social networking experience with links to Facebook, Instagram and the likes. Strengths

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