Marketing Industry : The Largest Bookstore Chain

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Industry Description Book retailing is an industry where companies sell books and other reading media, including, audio books, e-books and e-readers. Some bookstores sell other products including DVDs, stationery and gifts. Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWCS) world network reports sales of sixty billion globally, including e-books (Hoovers Inc, 2016). Most Book retailers operate from storefronts, although some bookstores also operate online. Barnes & Noble US, Fnac France, Page One China, Thalia Germany, and WH Smith UK are prominent companies in this industry. (Hoovers Inc, 2016). According to Yee, (n.d.). Dymocks is the largest bookstore chain in Australia; others include Collins Booksellers, Books and Gifts and department stores such as Meyer however, the book retailing industry is largely composed of small single storefront operators the largest chains making up only 40% of the market share (IBISWorld, 2016). Some retailers operate entirely online, prominent online retailers include Amazon and Booktopia (Keshen, 2016). Some retailers sell a range of books, others specialise in a particular area of interest including, the Co-op Bookshop that retails textbooks or Book café which sells children 's books (Finding a bookstore, 2016). Significant Issues Facing Entrepreneurs in This Industry There are a number of significant issues for entrepreneurs examining this industry. The book retailing industry has faced a number of strong challenges recently. According to ibisworld,

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