Marketing Mix : The Chevrolet Silverado

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V. Marketing Mix 1. The Chevrolet Silverado delivers its value through its durability and reliability while offering efficient fuel economy in a truck. With introducing high strength steel in its 2015 model, the Chevrolet Silverado provides durability to handle most tasks thrown its way. The Silverado also provides value through fuel economy. With Chevy’s recommendation of the V8 for best performance, the Silverado offers 15 MPG in the city with 21 MPG on the highway. Lastly, the Silverado provides value through its ability to offer high customization. With the ability to select new features such as 4G LTE Internet Connection, Text Messaging Alerts, on top of color, size, and engine to name a few, the Silverado can be unique in…show more content…
Chevrolet also provides its product online. At, you are able to build ideal vehicle and get a price. This feature will allow you to add any feature down to stickers decals added. From there though, you are forwarded to your local dealer to finalize the request. 4. Video: The commercial that we took a look at was aired for the Super Bowl. The ad is a man driving a Chevrolet Silverado to pick up a bull. He trailers the large bull back to his farm where it appears he will be using it to mate with his female cows. Right away the ad uses comment, “a man and his truck. “ This has a very strong push towards advertising to a man that is looking to get the job done. He relies on his Silverado to bring back his new bull to his farm. The commercial also uses the comment, “strong for all the roads ahead.” So the ad seems to be very masculine but also has a little gravitation towards love. The bull is being used to mate with the cows back at the farm. It has the song You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate on while the bull walks off the trailer and uses the comment “hello ladies.” They also use words such as “bachelor” and “lonely hearts” for the bull. So it has also attacks the love appeal as well as a little humor. Through these various tactics, they stimulate demand and
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